I’m But an Unlit Candle

person holding match stick with fire in front of candle with fire
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m but an unlit candle
Lord, come and light me
Set me on a stand, and
Let thy cleansing Holy fire
Melt the wax of my sin
And purify me within

I’m but an unlit candle
Lord, come and light me
Set me on a hill, and
Let thy sacred flame burn
From my unworthy wick
On a simple candlestick

Let my flame not flicker
From every gust of wind
Resolutely and still
Set my life a glow
Not fluttering from doubt
Light a blaze no storm can out

For thou wilt light my candle
My light is only of thee
In thy light shall my light be
The white light of purity
The bright yellow light of Joy
And, the red zeal of thy cross
Will burn away every dross

Let me go on shining
Lord, do not oust me out
If thou wilt light this candle
I will forever burn
From thy mighty inferno
And dwell in thy afterglow

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