What’s in a Touch

What’s in a touch
The brush of edges
Where surfaces unite
What’s in a touch
The point of contact
Where compulsions collide

A touch of breath
Gave humanity birth
Eve’s touch did cast
A curse upon the earth

An angel’s touch
Impaired Jacob’s hips
A touch of fire
Purged Isaiah’s Lips

Uzzah’s quick touch
Caused him to loose his life
Love’s scepter touch
Spared Esther, the King’s wife

A soft touch raised
Elijah from his sleep
An Angel’s touch set
Daniel onto his knees

Faith’s sure touch sent
Healing pow’r from the hem
Jesus’s touch
Healed the blind, sick and lame

Cheribims’ touch
Enclose the mercy seat
A final touch
Overcame death’s defeat

What’s in a touch?
Veiled infectious cells
Spreading from tip to tip
Bringing dread, or death…or life

If only we could
Push through the crowd
And with unwav’ring faith
Reach out and touch the hem.

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