Between Me and He

I’m thirsty Lord, I say to Him.
Come, drink! He says to me.
For I’m living water, drink and you’ll never thirst again.
And I say, Sir, give me this water.
And He fills me up and quenches my thirst.

I’m hungry Lord, I say to Him.
Come, eat!  He says to me.
For I’m the Bread of life, eat and you’ll live forever.
And I say, Give me bread to eat.
And He feeds me well and quiets my hunger.

I’m poorly Lord, I say to Him.
Come, buy! He says to me. Buy of Me gold tried in fire.
Fire burns Lord, I quickly say to Him.
And He says, I’ll be with you in the flame.
I hesitate, because…well, I hate the pain.
I think to myself…but, I’m poorly still,
And poorly I’ll remain. Unless, I obey.
I sigh, and I say, Lord, is there no other way?
He becomes silent. He doesn’t say a word.
I cry and I cry and I cry.
Although He’s next to me collecting my tear drops in His can
He remains silent, as He waits for me to choose obedience.
Lord, let this cup pass. I plead. Is it possible with Thee?
He says, All things are possible for Me,
But gold must first be purified.
And I say, okay Lord, not my will, but Thine.
Be it unto me according to thy word.

I desire Lord, I say to Him
Come, ask! He says to me.
I own the storehouse, but ask not amiss.
Be sure to ask in My will.
Oh Lord, thank you! I say to Him. Here’s my wish list.
He takes it and say, delight thyself in Me. Seek Me first.
And then you’ll have all that I choose.
But, Lord! I protest. I do love thee.
And He says, Let Me put you to the test.
So, He did.
And I failed, and I failed, and I failed
And He says to me. See, I know you best.
Just delight thyself in Me, then wait and see.
I’ll grant the desires that your heart needs.

I’m anxious Lord, I say to Him
And He says to me, Be still! For I am thy God.
I will help thee my child, just wait for Me.
I’m waiting Lord, for such a long time, I say to Him.
And He says to me, My eyes are on the clock my child.
Time is only an illusion, don’t let it dissuade you
Trust Me, for your times are in My hand.
And I’ve calendered your momemts and numbered your days.
And I say, Lord, its hard, but fullfill it in me.

I’m flawed Lord, I say to Him.
And He says to Me, I know.
My grace is sufficient for you.
But Lord, You said, I’m to Be perfect.
And He says, Yes! And be holy too.
And I say, I’m trying Lord, I’m trying really hard.
And He says, Stop striving, just abide in Me.
How do I do that?” I asked
And He says, Take My hand and follow My lead.
But first, here, wear MY son’s robe,
For I cannot look upon your nakedness.
As we walk together, you’ll receive My fruits
Share them with others, don’t keep them for yourself.

I’m grateful Lord, I say to Him
And He says to me, Go on, I’m Listening.
I’m grateful for your goodness.
You love is eternal, Your forgiveness sure
And You toss my sins as far as east from west.
You send Angels to guard me each day.
You catch me up with Your right hand, when I fall along the way.
You quench my thirst and feed me with bread,
You calm my fears and collect my tears,
Lord, how can I say thanks.
And He says to me, Just live a life of praise
Praise Me in the darkness.
Praise Me in the light.
Praise Me even when sorrow is in sight.
And I say, Amen Lord, and Amen!

I’m tired Lord, I say to Him
Come, rest! He says to me.
Have you not heard? Has it not been told to you?
The everlasting God never gets tired or weary.
Take My yoke for it is light.
Come to the secret place, dwell awhile,
You’ll find new courage and strength in Me 

For in Me you live and move and have your being.
And I say, Thank you Lord, thou art truly my hiding place,
My strong tower, my refuge and my strength.
And He says, Spend more time with Me,
For I am really jealous for thee.

I’m dying Lord, I say to Him.
You’re sleepy, He says to me. For I am the resurrection. 
In the blink of an eye,
You’ll be changed from mortal to immortality.
From corruption to incorruption.
He smiles and says, Sleep on.
I say, No My Lord. I’m truly dying.
He takes my hands in His and says, Just, rest my child
Sleep, for morning comes when there’ll be no more night
No more tears and no more sighs
I promise to awaken you when it’s time
Go ahead, and close your eyes.


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