I Am Dust


Remember me, Oh Lord
For I am but dust
Particles of dirt
Soiled by sinful lust
Grit and Grime.

Remember, I am but
Animal’s decay
Broken down remains
A rough patch of clay
I am dirt.

Made in thy image seems
Mockery to Thy name
But not to thee, for
Thou knowest my frame
I am dust.

Dust…thou lovest so much
That thou wouldest kneel
To kiss the dirt, breathe
And it became real
Thou knowest

That I am clods of dust
Thou dirtied Thy hand
To mold and shapen
Thyself into man
Don’t forget.

A gentle whiff of wind
Throws me off my feet
Unless Thou shelter me
I face utter defeat
Dust of death.

Remember me, Oh Lord
Take Thy breath from me
And to dust I’ll return
Shall the dust praise thee?
Thy truth share?

Shake me not off Thy feet
Raise me from the dust
Lift from the dunghill
Seat me with the just
To be thine

But let me not forget
That I am merely dust.




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